Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a place for community members to play board games and card games, where lasting friendships can be forged and nourished.

What is a Board Game?

We use Board Games as a catch-all term to include games played with pieces, dice, and a board; games played with only cards; RPGs and so on.  If the most you know about board games is what you played as a kid, get ready to have your mind blown.  There are hidden identity games where one player is a traitor of some kind and the other players have to figure out who they are.  There are cooperative games where the players help each other to overcome the obstacles thrown out by the game; there are dexterity games where you have to flick, drop, or move around pieces physically; there are escape room games that combine cards with free downloadable apps on your phone to challenge you with puzzles and riddles, and so much more!

What Are Board Games to You?

Board Games are a vehicle for social interaction.  When you get together with your friends to hang out, there are few options of doing some relatively inexpensive that is active and engaging while also able to be paused at a moment's notice.  Healthy competition, strategy, problem solving, memory and socializing are all components to practically every game we have in our library.  We've selected them to give you a reason to come again and again without ever getting bored.

Who is your Intended Audience?

Everyone from ages 4 and up.  We have incredible children's games, amazing family games, and easy to learn games for adults. There are some really intense and complex games for the initiated, but we have done our best to carry something for everyone.  If you don't think board games are for you, we challenge you to come in and let us change your mind!