We are located at 1012 Grand Street between 10th and 11th Street on the third floor of a warehouse in upper midtown Hoboken.  We are near Columbus Park and are adjacent to the Municipal Tennis Courts.  Our main entrance is located directly next to the Tennis Courts (photo below, those are the main doors in the bottom right hand corner of the photo).


Mobility Concerns

If you have mobility issues, we have a freight elevator that we can take you in, but it does require you to be able to ascend about 5 steps to get from the parking lot to the loading dock.  Our parking lot is located on the Western side of the building.  If you're driving, go to 1015 Adams Street and park in one of the spots marked Hoboken Golf (those are our spots).  Then call us at 201-876-9666 ext 1, we'll send someone down to the loading dock to bring you up the elevator.

Local Parking

We have a parking lot in the rear of the building, though we prefer to prioritize those spaces for people with mobility issues.  The Green Zone parking in Hoboken is for residents only Monday through Saturday, only on Sundays are you able to park there.  There are no meters in effect on Sundays, but if you park in the White Zone you'll need to download an app to pay for parking.