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Entry D1 - Winner!!!

Entry E1 - Runner Up!

Entry A1 - Honorable Mention

Entry B1

Entry C1

Entry G1

Entry H1

Entry I1

Entry J1

Entry F1 - Honorable Mention

One of the above could win the Wargamer's Complete Paint Set, a $350 value!  They could also win $50 in store credit of The Army Painter paints and accessories from Hoboken Game Lounge!

The competition theme for the participating miniatures is “Into the Darkness” where the only criteria is creatures or humanoids that reside in or venture into the deep recesses of the earth. They must fit on a 40mm base or smaller. If a miniature that does not fit into this category should win a store competition, and is submitted for final judging for the national competition, that miniature may be excluded at the sole discretion of their judges.

Rules of Entry

1. Purchase an unpainted miniature with a 40mm base or smaller from Hoboken Game Lounge.

2. Register yourself and your miniature for the competition.

3. Paint and customize the miniature for the best presentation (no dioramas, please).

4. Return with the completed miniature by Friday, December 6th.

5. Proudly present your miniature for judging.  (Photo of you and your miniature is required for eligibility)

Each participant will receive one ballot allowing them to vote for three miniatures, and may vote on Saturday or Sunday December 7th and 8th.  Each ballot must have three miniatures voted for on it.  Ballots must be submitted by 5 pm on Sunday, December 8th.

The participant whose miniature garnered the most votes shall receive $50 in store credit for purchasing Army Painter Paints, Brushes, and Accessories, and have their entry submitted to the national competition for a chance at the grand prize, the Wargamer's Complete Paint Set.

Judging Criteria can be found by clicking here.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail us at