What is a Board Game Lounge?

We are not a traditional Game Store.  With a library of over two hundred games for play in our comfortable play space, on-site enjoyment is the primary product we sell.  As such, we do have a charge to play the games in store.

What are your fees?

There is no charge to walk in the door, but there is a $5 admission fee to enjoy the attractions, and you get as much popcorn as you can eat and as much bottled water as you can drink with that.  Each attraction has an additional hourly rate, with a maximum fee.  For board games, it is a $3/hr, maximum of $7 for the day.  There are Membership packages that wave some or all of these fees.  There are tournament entry fees for specific events as well. Ask in store for full details.

Do you host events and tournaments?

For some games, yes. Check out our polls our Events page for more details

Do you have available seating during events for other people?

Of course! Regardless of what's going on, you are always welcome to come in and sit down to play some games with friends.

Do you accept reservations?

Not at this time, but stay tuned for updates in this regard.

What if I don't have any friends that play board games?

First of all, we have games for everyone, for kids ages 4 and up, as well as for adults who don't think that board games are their thing. Board games have changed a lot in the past twenty years, if you can convince your friends to come in we're sure to please them once they're here.

No, seriously, what if I don't have any friends that play board games?

We have events where people who don't know each other can play games together.  Check our Events page for more details.