Play! Hoboken is the premier indoor entertainment complex in and around Hoboken, NJ.  In addition to the Board Game Lounge, there are other attractions for you to enjoy! There is a $5 facility admission fee, though of course you are more than welcome to take a look around and peruse what we have to offer as well as our retail section without charge.



Enjoy playing pool? We have eight 9' billiard tables and three 7' tables.  Whether you're coming with friends or looking for a pick up game, we have you covered.  All skill levels, from first timers to professionals, are welcome. There are monthly memberships and weekly tournaments for billiards.

Playing Billiards costs $10/hr or $20 for unlimited play.  Fees are in addition to any admission charges.

Table Tennis


How about Ping Pong? We have six ITTF professional tournament grade tables.  Come as a group, look for a pick up game, or even play against our automated Table Tennis Robot! All skill levels are welcome, and there are monthly memberships available as well as weekly tournaments.

Playing Table Tennis costs $10/hr or $20 for unlimited play. Fees are in addition to any admission charges.

For special events, lessons, and/or more information please go to

Golf Simulators


Whether you’re looking to beat the summer heat, the autumn storms, winter chill, or spring rains, the Play! Hoboken facility will have five golf simulators up and running for you all year round!

Playing Golf costs $25/hr for singles, $20/hr twosomes, $15/hr for threesomes, and $10/hr for foursomes, per person. Fees are in addition to any admission charges.