Upcoming Board Game Tournaments!


Scrabble Tournament - Sunday - 9/22 - 11:30 am

Play Scrabble in competitive one on one games to earn a 1st place gold style medal, 2nd place silver style medal, or 3rd place bronze style medal!

Upcoming Magic Tournaments!


Throne of Eldraine Launch Weekend

Sealed Event!

4-0-0 = 8 ToE Draft Packs
3-0-1 = 7 ToE Draft Packs
3-1-0 = 6 ToE Draft Packs
2-0-2 = 4 ToE Draft Packs
2-1-1 = 3 ToE Draft Packs

Pre-register for the Throne of Eldraine Post Release event by October 1st and get a bonus prize draft pack at the end of each event you sign up for!


Throne of Eldraine Sealed

Sealed Event!

4-0-0 get 2 Collector's Packs!
3-0-1 or 3-1-0 gets 1 Collector's Pack!
All others get 1 Throne of Eldraine Draft Pack!